American Tackle Microwave Line Control System ~ ICAST 2013 Preview

Posted on : 07-02-2013 in Category: 
ICAST 2013
Description : Expect to hear more about the new Microwave Guides soon. It just won the best of show award for INNOVATION OF THE YEAR in June 2013 at EFFTEX (Europe's equivalent to ICAST). Three rod vendors, Seeker Fishing Rods, T. Allen Rods, and Paioli Sports ReCast will be introducing their new Microwave rod series at ICAST 2013. This video compares Microwave guides to other guide trains on the market. Pay close attention to the line as it travels through both guides trains. The Microwave Guide controls line in one guide compared to competing/traditional guide systems that try to control line in 4 guides.

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